Client Reviews


I, unfortunately, had a streak of bad choices which resulted in me needing a lawyer. I was referred to Mr. Senoyuit. Turned out to be the best choice !! Mr. Senoyuit responded quickly, was knowledgeable and kept me out of legal system. Thanks to Mr. Senoyuit I now have a future! Having a good lawyer in your corner is vital. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Senoyuit!!!!!

-Anthony (5 Star Review)

Given a second chance for New Beginnings

Attorney Senoyuit has done a wonderful job in representing my family member. He is well known and one of the best in his field. I would recommend him any day. Very knowledgeable individual.

-Katrina (5 Star Review)

Not only a top notch lawyer but a true friend indeed.

I recently used Mike for my 2nd dui case in bucks co Pa. He prepared me for the worst and promised me nothing then was able to negotiate the most minimal sentence against all odds, and terms better than I had hoped. Throughout the process, Mike was a true friend and kept my spirits high when I was down on myself. He is a true gentleman and I would’ve paid 5x the fee as he is more than worth it. If you have a DUI in the Philadelphia suburban area, do yourself a favor and higher this man as your attorney! He knows everyone in every courtroom and if a deal can me made, he will find a way. Even in my case where there was no chance, he somehow found a way and I’m truly grateful. Also his assistant (Amy) is wonderful and was a huge help and excellent resource for advice on days Mike was tied up in court.

– Posted by Jeff0312 on May 23 (5 star review)

Attorney Senoyuit representing my nephew with his problems with compassion and understanding

My nephew got into trouble with the law for a third time and was facing two years in jail Attorney Senoyuit got him the medical attention he needed and was able to have two of the three major charges dropped. Instead of jail he convinced the court to give him probation condition on him continuing his medical treatment and attending AA. Attorney Senoyuit truly and personally cares about people he represents.He is an outstanding lawyer and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a compassionate and understanding lawyer.

– Frank (5 star review)

Great DUI Lawyer

I would definitely recommend hiring Michael Senoyuit. I have never gotten into any previous trouble so when I got a DUI I didn’t know what to do. I called Michael’s office and got help right away. After meeting with him I felt instant relief, he is very knowledgeable when it comes to a DUI. He knew exactly what to do and kept me updated through the entire process. I was accepted into the ARD program.

– DUI client (5 star review)

DUI Lawyer

Michael was very informative, professional, and prompt. He informed me everything that I needed for each date. At each court date, he made sure that he was the first person there so that it could be easy on myself. He did everything in his power to make the outcome of my case the best for me.

– Allison, a DUI client (5 star review)

Michael Senoyuit is an excellent DUI attorney

I am a practicing attorney. I do not handle DUI cases. I refer all of my clients who call regarding DUI cases to Mike Senoyuit because he is one of the most knowledgeable DUI attorneys that I know. DUI cases involve a specialized area of the law.

Mr Senoyuit knows all the latest cases in the field and he is very knowledgeable in issues involving the breathalyzer tests and standards. If you are facing serious DUI charges you need an attorney like Mike Senoyuit to represent you.

– Joseph, a DUI client (5 star review)

Satisfied Client

I was charged with multiple DUI offenses. He never made any false promises and told me the reality of the situation from the beginning. He told me the best and worst possible outcomes and what I needed to do on my own to improve my chances of a better outcome. He also helped me improve myself. He always responded to any of my calls and met me in person before every court appearance. I gave him permission to communicate with certain family members and he was very responsive to them as well. The outcome was beyond my expectations.

– DUI client (5 star review)

True Professional

I highly recommend the services of Michael Senoyuit III Esq. I recently observed his professionalism and diligence on litigation for DUI with a family member. We had a positive outcome and not only did he communicate well with his client, but he included the family and was available to answer questions and kept us abreast of the law and any important changes to the case. A true professional and that is often hard to find!

– Elise, a DUI client (5 star review)

A lawyer with integrity and solid values

I do not have much experience with the legal system. I am in the health care industry. So when my son, unfortunately, got himself into a bit of trouble we called Michael Senoyuit. He responded quickly and met with us immediately. He was clear, concise and told us exactly what to expect. Unfortunately, prior to my sons court date he got into further trouble with the law. Micheal Senoyuit worked hard to get our son the absolute best outcome. I was extremely impressed with the way my lawyer handled the process and was over joyed with the results. I would not hesitate to contact Mr. Senoyuit again. . . . but hopefully I will never need to!!!!

– Tina (5 star review)

coming through in a crisis

We could not have been more satisfied with the service Attorney Senoyuit provided during a difficult time for our family. He and his office are professional, efficient, and very straightforward with the facts. He did a wonderful job laying out the situation we were facing and what the possible outcomes were and what he hoped to accomplish. In the end, the results were amazing and more than we were hoping for. His knowledge, reputation, and long-term relationships with the local community were extremely helpful and beneficial.

– barbara (5 star review)